Intersectionality as a Critical Inquiry and a Praxis. Challenging White Feminist Histories in Flanders (1970-2010)

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2020 - 2024 (ongoing)
Department of History
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Current historiography on post-1970 women’s movements in Flanders is characterized by blindness to racialized power dynamics. This contrasts with supranational research that has highlighted the falsely neutral standard of whiteness in historiography. By bringing forward the intersection between gender and race on two levels, this research contributes to a translation of these insights to the local context of women’s movements in Flanders (1970-2010). First, it uses intersectionality as a lens to analyse the interplay between structural whiteness and racialized power dynamics in conventional post-1970 women’s movements and the historiography of these actors. Second, this research challenges the standard of whiteness by tracing intersectionality as a praxis. Here, I focus on antiracist and antisexist women’s movements that used intersectionality themselves as a strategy for doing social justice work. This research thus combines a historiographical and historical approach. It analyses power dynamics within selective remembering and forgetting on the one hand, and aims to retrieve lesser-known narratives on the other hand.



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