CEVI - Centrum voor Ethiek en Waardeonderzoek

Department of Philosophy and moral sciences



The Center for Ethics & Value Inquiry (CEVI) carries out research and teaching on the ethics of globalisation and on ethics under the conditions of globalisation. We specialize in researching current sense-making of globalisation phenomena, in particular the 'language of ethics' and its 'existentials' (Edel).

CEVI is based at Ghent University in Belgium where it is part of the Department of Philosophy
and Moral Science.

The Centre is also involved in international networks and platforms. CEVI is a founding member of the International Global Ethics Association (IGEA). While we are an academic stakeholder, CEVI maintains good and collaborative relations with the civil and the professional community.

Het Centrum voor Ethiek en Waardeonderzoek focust op maatschappelijke ethische thema's, waaronder deze die te maken hebben met de ethische consequenties van globalisering. Het CEVI promoot dynamisch ethisch onderzoek en reflectie waarbij de interactie van ethische praktijk en theorie centraal staat.




Paul Reynolds

Social Sciences Department - Edge Hill University, UK

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