An analysis of the relation fuzzy logics-Boolean logics in function of the relation logic-reality using neural computing tools

Start - End 
2004 - 2008 (completed)
Research Focus 



The goal of this research project is to develop formal insight in the following pair of questions: (1) what is the relation between standard Boolean-valued logics and the contemporary non-standard fuzzy logics and (2) what is the actual relation between formal logics and the inherent 'deep' structure of reality? Given that objectivist rationalism, the most important school of thought in this context, fails to validate its main statements because of fundamental methodological problems, the research methodology is based upon findings and experimentation within the realm of neural computing. Insight in these relations can have important effects on different areas of research such as ontology (e.g. can there be vague objects?) and AI (insight in the `logical modus existendi' of reality creates the opportunity to develop more accurate descriptive formal languages).