Avant-Garde Strategies in Contemporary Experimental Literature (2001-present)

Trailblazers van vandaag. Avant-gardetactieken in hedendaagse Nederlandstalige experimentele literatuur (2001-heden)
Start - End 
2021 - 2026 (ongoing)
Department of Literary Studies



'Avant-Garde Strategies in Contemporary Experimental Literature (2001-present)' seeks to comprehend contemporary experimental Dutch fiction through the lenses of the historical and neo-avant-gardes. Questions at the core of this project are whether avant-garde strategies can be revitalised, how such a revitalisation manifests in experimental texts, and how those revitalistations can be approached heuristically and hermeneutically. Theoretically, this project engages extensively with the discussion of historical and genealogical repetition or palingenesis in avant-garde theory, which is met methodologically by applying the narratological theory of the unnatural to the corpus, resulting in a hybrid theoretical frame in order to read the epistemological challenges raised by avant-garde and experimental texts. This frame underlines the thesis that a revitalisation of avant-garde strategies, tactics and techniques under changing cultural conditions is both historical and new.



Phd Student(s)