The development of standard Chinese education and its impact on the Hani minority in Yunnan, Southwest China

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2019 - 2023 (ongoing)
Department of Languages and Cultures
Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication
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Hani minority
Hani language
Tibeto-Burman languages
Chinese education
Minority education in China
Hani culture
Hani dialects
Hani standard language



The PhD project studies the development of Standard Chinese education and its impact on the Hani minority in Pu'er (Yunnan), with the following questions as key issues: (1) What is the current situation of Standard Chinese education in regions inhabited by the Han minority? (2) Which language do Hani people use in different types of social communication? (3) What is the attitute of members of the Hani minority concerning the use of Standard Chinese, local dialects, and the Hani language? (4) In what way does Standard Chinese impact the Hani minority's education and culture? What patterns and factors of influences are involved? (5) In what way can Standard Chinese education and the preservation and development of Hani language and culture be balanced?




Phd Student(s)


Jianhua Wang

Yunnan Minzu University