Digital literacy in the faculty of arts and philosophy. Towards the integration of digital competences in the humanities

Leerlijn digitale geletterdheid. Naar een verankering van digitale competenties in de geesteswetenschappen
Start - End 
2019 - 2020 (ongoing)



The educational innovation project ‘Leerlijn digitale geletterdheid. Naar een verankering van digitale competenties in de geesteswetenschappen’ fits GhentCDH’s long-term ambition to structurally embed the Digital Humanities’ manifold methods and tools across Ghent University’s Faculty of Arts and Philosophy for research, educational and science communication purposes. This educational initiative aims to provide information, support and training for the faculty’s departments, teachers and students. The project comprises three main goals:

  1. To create and foster the use of a shared faculty-wide framework for basic and advanced digital competences based on the Digital Humanities Scholarly Primitives Model. This framework allows departments to develop a coherent digital learning trajectory in their undergraduate and graduate programmes. For this process, assistance is also provided by the Faculty Library.
  2. To develop two blended-learning modules on Digital text analysis and Geohumanities. These discipline-independent modules are rendered accessible via the university’s online learning platform and answer to different levels of expertise. They target both teachers and students. Both modules permit an independent or integrated use and an exhaustive or partial use. They can also be customized and/or extended by teachers according to their expertise or needs.
  3. To explore the possible approach to and contents of an advanced elective masters course on Digital Humanities.