Evaluation of Zanzu.be. Multilingual website (14 languages)

Evaluatie van Zanzu.be. 14-talige website
Start - End 
2017 - 2018 (completed)



This short-term project evaluates Zanzu.be, the multilingual website (14 languages) of Sensoa vzw, the Flemish expertise center for sexual health. The website offers comprehensive basic information for new entrants, asylum seekers and people without residency status. It is also designed as a support tool for professionals in counseling and formation, and for use in training.

The evaluation answers 5 research questions:

  1. Do migrants feel that Zanzu.be increases their knowledge about the body and sexual health?
  2. Does Zanzu.be help migrants to make better choices regarding their sexual health?
  3. Is Zanzu.be perceived by migrants as a reliable source of information about sexual health?
  4. Do professionals feel more knowledgeable and comfortable when they discuss sexual health with migrants through Zanzu.be?
  5. Does the implementation strategy allow Sensoa vzw to make the multilingual website accessible for the intended target groups (both migrants and professionals in sexual health working with migrants).

To answer these questions, we used a mixed-methods approach and collected three different datasets: (1) an online survey of 247 professionals, (2) data from interviews with 24 migrants residing in Flanders and (3) 11 video-recorded interactions of HIV/STI (prevention).