The Flemish migration to England in the 14th century. Their economic influence and transfer of skills (1331-1381)

Start - End 
2012 - 2016 (ongoing)
Department of History
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Université de Strasbourg



This PhD research focusses on the migration of Flemish population to England in the second half of the 14th century, and most of the doctoral research is to be carried out by combining the sources from the archives in the United Kingdom and Belgium. The main goal is to explore the extensive archival evidence about the names, origins, occupations and households of a significant number of foreigners who chose to make their lives and livelihoods in England during the period of fundamental social (Black Death), political (warfare), and economic (mass devaluations and production crises) upheaval and profound changes. Further analysis of these data allows to establish the economic impact of the immigrants on the development of English industry in the Late Middle Ages.




Christophe Tournu

Université de Strasbourg