Fury. A philosophical analysis of the productive value of women's anger

Start - End 
2020 - 2024 (ongoing)



Following the peak of the #MeToo movement, 2018 saw a remarkable surge in popular publications on the topic of women’s anger. These publications might reflect a shift in the popular attitude concerning women’s anger, which historically has been valued very negatively but is gaining in appreciation. While these books and articles re-examine the phenomenon of women’s anger for a broad audience, an academic counterpart is largely missing. In this project, I will use the philosophical-theoretical framework of Miranda Fricker’s Epistemic Injustice (2007) to broadly examine the potential productive characteristics of women’s anger. I will start by thoroughly conceptualising women’s anger and move on to examining its epistemic value, its status as a moral emotion, and its potential as a non-retributive type of anger. In this way, I will determine whether women’s anger can in fact be valued more positively, as the aforementioned popular publications claim, and whether this shift in popular attitudes concerning women’s anger can be characterised as an anger turn.



Phd Student(s)