Greek in late antique Gaul

Grieks in Laat-Antiek Gallië
Start - End 
2019 - 2021 (ongoing)



This project aims to trace and understand the ideological and practical function of the Greek language in Gaul in the Late Roman and Early Medieval periods (ca. A.D. 300 – 700). It examines the role of Greek in literary culture, political and diplomatic exchange, religion and theology, and daily life, and is the first comprehensive study of the broader place of Greek in Gaul in this period. 

By taking a broad approach to the question of Greek and considering the continuities and changes in the role of Greek in literary culture, politics and diplomacy, religion, and daily life, this project contributes to our understanding of the cultural, political, and religious exchanges between East and West in Late Antiquity, and the broader transformations taking place in this period. It  corrects previous assumptions about the breakdown of knowledge of Greek in Gaul and sheds light on the continuing connections between East and West both before and after the “fall” of Rome.