KB45. Art in Belgium since 1945

KB45. Kunst in België sinds 1945
Start - End 
2020 - 2020 (ongoing)



The research group KB45 (Kunst in België sinds 1945 / Art in Belgium since 1945) aims to map postwar development of living art in Belgium in the post-war era from a both local and international perspective and to contextualize it within the wider artistic culture in post-war Belgium.

The research project has a double objective.
* Firstly it will study the two-way traffic of living art in Belgium: the careers and presence of Belgian artists in the international art and museum world on the one hand, and the presence and influence of international artists in the Belgian art and museum world on the other hand.

* Secondly it will examine the development of the institutional framework and support for contemporary art: the role and position of the different public and private art institutions within the development and evolution of the artistic landscape of Belgium, with a particular attention for the impact of (the absence of) institutional infrastructure.