PEaCH. Preserving and promoting Europe's cultural and linguistic heritage through empowerment of bilingual children and families

Start - End 
2019 - 2021 (completed)
Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication
Research Focus 



PEaCH aims to (1) strengthen the language learning of the 24 EU languages among children living in bilingual families in a country or geographical area where these languages are not spoken; (2) develop a methodology for the acquisition of languages through user-friendly bilingual upbringing for children between 0 and 12; (3) raise awareness about the benefits of bilingual upbringing among the teachers in kindergartens and elementary schools as well as nursery staff; (4) teach parents how to effectively teach their children their language of origin while living in another EU country; and (5) create a European Network of PEaCH Ambassadors, teachers and educators promoting bilingual upbringing.