Tracing Tensors: Infracultural analyses of simplicated worlds

Start - End 
2022 - 2026 (ongoing)



Following the monographs Moral Power: The magic of witchcraft (which studied crisis in terms of one African community's concept of bewitchment, and its medicine) and Medicinal Rule: A historical anthropology of kingship in east and central Africa (which applied the conceptual pair to political centralization in the wider region - see also the debate Medicine and Kingship in Current Anthropology) this research defines bewitchment as the condition of postfordist 'simplex' society. Two book projects are undertaken. A theoretical work  Simplex Society is followed by an ethnographic methodological volume to discern infracultural dynamics (in analogy of 'infrasonic', frequencies below human audibility). Affects, energies before their articulation in emotions or ideas in art or social media, are an example.