Start - End 
2020 - 2022 (ongoing)



The objectives of this project are (1) ensure LGBTIQ persons enjoy equal access to health services by enhancing the capacity of those involved in mainstream healthcare provision; (2) enhance the capacity of health practitioners to meet the specific health needs of trans persons; and (3) provide resources that inform LGBTIQ patients of their rights and raise awareness on health risks and signpost healthcare services as being LGBTIQ inclusive.


  • Train-the-trainer course on LGBTIQ issues for managers and practice nurses
  • Training to health practitioners on mitigating health inequalities experienced by LGBTIQ persons
  • Equal access to healthcare through capacity building of GPs for trans patients
  • Specialised training for emergency staff in dealing with trans patients
  • Sensitivity training on LGBTIQ issues to reception staff of healthcare sector
  • Adapt and domestically publish as a reference point on trans healthcare
  • Exchange of good practices in trans-specific healthcare between the multidisciplinary team (MDT) of the Gender Wellbeing Clinic (GWC) and the Gender Team (GT) of Ghent University Hospital (GUH)
  • Signpost healthcare services as inclusive spaces for LGBTIQ persons
  • Raise awareness on available health services and health risks experienced by LGBTIQ persons