Women in Balkan literature and culture. Subversive readings and identity challenges

Start - End 
2021 - 2021 (ongoing)



This is an online interdisciplinary research seminar entitled “Women in Balkan literature and culture: subversive readings and identity challenges.”. The lectures are 30 min long, in English and on topics concerning women in Balkan culture and literature in the 20th and/or 21st century. The lectures are followed by 20-30 min discussion. The seminar is organized by Dr. Miglena Dikova-Milanova (Ghent University) and Dr. Adelina Angusheva-Tihanov (University of Manchester). The first edition of the seminar took place in the academic 2020/ 21. The seminar will result in the publication of a bundel dedicated to the same topic. Part of the lectures are already published in the online journal  Knjiženstvo (http://www.knjizenstvo.rs/sr#gsc.tab=0).