Bridging the policy-practice gap. How Flemish teachers' standard language perceptions navigate between monovarietal policy and multivarietal practice

Start - End 
2010 - 2016 (completed)
Department of Linguistics
Research Focus 



Between 2010 and 2016, Steven Delarue studied the language use, language perceptions and language ideologies of Flemish teachers in primary and secondary schools. Which (Dutch) language features do teachers use? Is there code switching (between Standard Dutch and vernacular or dialect), and what triggers those switches? How do teachers envision their language use and the official language ideologies in Flanders? How do they interpret and/or appropriate Flemish language-in-education policy? And how can an adequate language-in-education policy meet the (often language-related) challenges teachers experience in the classroom every single day? In order to answer (a number of) these questions, 82 Flemish primary and secondary school teachers were observed and interviewed.

Doctoral guidance committee: prof. dr. Johan De Caluwe (supervisor), prof. dr. Jacques Van Keymeulen (co-supervisor), prof. dr. Jürgen Jaspers.

Tags: Standard Dutch - tussentaal - education - interviews - perceptions - ideologies



Phd Student(s)


Jürgen Jaspers

Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)