Images and indulgences in the context of the Flemish Primitives

Start - End 
2013 - 2017 (ongoing)
Department of Art, music and theatre sciences
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The aim of this project is to assess various relationships between images and indulgences, especially in the context of Flemish paintings produced in the fifteenth-century and the beginning of the sixteenth-century. Indulgence is the remission of temporal punishment which men should undergo in purgatory because of their sins. Since medieval times, indulgences were often related to specific images, which means that sacred rewards would be afforded to those who performed particular devotions in the presence of the images. The fact that indulgence-related images are disguised in devotional images has merely been referred to in previous research. In this project, several types of indulgenced images are examined on the basis of iconographical and archival research. Each case study will give opportunities to consider the indispensable function of the images in late medieval Flanders.



Phd Student(s)