A linguistics-based protocol for teaching foreign language prosody

Un protocollo scientifico-didattico per l’insegnamento della prosodia in lingua straniera: materiali, metodi e strumenti
Start - End 
2019 - 2021 (ongoing)
Research Focus 




The project aims at defining an didactic protocol based on lingusitic evidence for the explicit teaching of prosody in Italian as a Foreign Language (LS). The study aims at (a) identifying a set of prosodic patterns with specific communicative functions, (b) stylize and model the relevant patterns, (c) define materials, methods and tools to support the teaching of prosody and (d) test the protocol with native speakers of Italian and, subsequently, non-native speakers, learners of Italian LS. 




Renata Savy

DIPSUM - Università degli studi di Salerno

Fabiana Rosi

DIPSUM - Università degli studi di Salerno