The intonation of closely related varieties. The case of Campania Italian

L'intonazione di varietà vicine: il caso dell'italiano parlato in Campania
Begin - Einde 
2019 - 2021 (lopend)
Andere instituten 
DIPSUM - Università degli studi di Salerno



This project focuses on the intonational differences between diatopically closely related varieties. The case study is represented by the intonation of Salerno Italian, which will be compared with two neighboring varieties, Neapolitan Italian and Cilentan Italian. Salerno occupies a geographic position halfway between Naples, which is located north, and Cilento, which is located south. The empirical focus of the study is to compare the tunes of questions and statements  in Salerno, Neapolitan and Cilentan Italian exploring the prosodic elements that contribute to the difference (or to the similarity) between these varieties.  The project combines the analysis of spontaneous material (task-oriented dialogues) and controlled speech from reading tasks  and from controlled experiments.




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Miriam Voghera

Salerno University

Renata Savy

DIPSUM - Università degli studi di Salerno