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Unless stated otherwise, all events take place at UGent, Blandijn.


Upcoming events






Past events



12/06/20323, 14:00 @ Blandijn 3.30 Camelot

Liliane Haegeman (UGent): "Deflecting force: the particle kwestje in West Flemish"


15/05/2023, 14:00 @ Blandijn 3.30 Camelot

Hilde Gunnink (UGent): "Bantu-Khoisan contact in Southern Africa: reconstructing prehistoric contact situations" 


17/04/2023 14:00, @ Blandijn Faculteitszaal

Joanna Wall (Utrecht): "On the identity of English verbal and plural inflectional -s’s"


20/03/2023, 14:00 @ Blandijn Faculteitszaal

Sampson Korsah (University of Cape Coast, Ghana): "Object drop in language: Theoretical insights from Kwa"


13/03/2023, 14:00 @ Blandijn Faculteitszaal

Nelson Goehring: "Foot Structure in Early North Germanic"



16/02/2023, 14:00 @ 1.16

Matteo Tarsi (Uppsala): "‘to teach’ and ‘to learn’ in (Indo-)Germanic: lexical typology, morphology, and more"


13/12/2022, 14:00 @ Blandijn Faculteitszaal

Mihaela Ilioaia (UGent): title tbc


06/12/2022, 14:00 @ Blandijn Faculteitszaal

Margherita Fantoli (KU Leuven): “Measuring formulaicity in scientific and technical texts


25/11/2022, 15:00 @ Blandijn Faculteitszaal

Mark Janse (UGent): “Axenitika: The history of another Cappadocian dialect still spoken in Greece


15/11/2022, 14:00 @ Blandijn lokaal 3.30 (Camelot)

Get to know your colleagues: Kim Groothuis, Mihaela Ilioaia, Giovanni Leo, Ugo Mondini, Joanne Stolk


08/11/2022, 14:00 @ Blandijn Faculteitszaal

William Balla-Johnson: “A ‘More Perfect’ Shift: Semantic change in the history of the Western European Romance pluperfect.


25/10/2022, 14:00 @ Blandijn lokaal 3.30 (Camelot)

Marilena De Gregorio (UGent): “The diminuitives in cooking language: some examples from Apicius’ De re coquinaria



11/05/2022, tbc @ tbc

Brian D. Joseph (Ohio State University) – “Historical Sociolinguistics and Typological Perspectives on the role of conversation in language contact:  ERIC Loans in the Balkans”


28/04/2022, 15:00 @ tbc

Anna Persig (KU Leuven) – “Semantic change in the political and religious title conseruator: the ‘saviour’ from Cicero to the Latin New Testament” 


POSTPONED  @ Faculteitszaal

Mark Janse (UGent) – “Girl, you’ll be a woman soon: Grammatical and/or semantic agreement with Greek hybrid nouns of the Mädchen type”


21/03/2022, 14:00 @ tbc

Alex Rehn (Universität Konstanz) – “Parallel adjectival inflection - a new perspective from Alemannic”


24/02/2022, 13:00 @ MS-Teams

Anne Breitbarth (UGent) – "Non-inverted V3: Syntactic change in progress in German"


07/12/2021, 14:00 @ MS-Teams

Get to know your colleagues 2: Hannah Booth, Melissa Farasyn, Chiara Monaco, Tim Ongenae en Laurentia Schreiber


23/11/2021, 15:00 @ Blandijn lokaal 3.30 (Camelot)

Mihaela Ilioaia (UGent) – “Alternating predicates in Romanian"


09/11/2021, 15:00 @ Blandijn lokaal 2.21

Get to know your colleagues 1: Simon Aerts, Andrea Cuomo, Eleonora Serra


26/10/2021, 15:00 @ MS-Teams

Tadjou-N'Dine Mamadou Yacoubou & Mariapaola D’Imperio (Rutgers University) – title tbc


14/10/2021, 15:00 @ Blandijn Faculteitszaal

Miguel Gutiérrez Maté (Augsburg University) – “Towards a better understanding of Creoles through their comparison with fossilized learner varieties. The case of Palenquero Creole and Cabindan Portuguese"



07/05/2021, 15:30 @ MS-Teams

Giacomo Bucci: Genitives under Negation: (Re)surfacing non-canonical Case Assignment Strategies under Negation in Ancient Germanic Languages"


30/04/2021, 15:00 cancelled

Mark Janse (UGent): “Modern Greek Verbal Dvandva Compounds and the Bare-Stem Constraint


19/04/2021, 13:30 @ MS-Teams

Ezra La Roi (UGent): “Tracing the historical replacement of the counterfactual optative mood from Archaic to Classical Greek


29/03/2021, 13:30 @ MS-Teams (MONDAY 29/03/2021 instead of Friday 02/04)

Jóhanna Barðdal & Leonid Kulikov (UGent): "How to Succeed in Germanic and Indo-European without even Trying"


22/03/2021, 13:30 @ MS-Teams

Guglielmo Inglese (KU Leuven): “The cross-linguistic emergence of middle voice systems: sources and processes


12/03/2021, 15:00 @ MS-Teams

André Kött (UGent): “Learning (im)polite forms of address through Early Modern dialogue books


05/03/2021, 15:00 @ MS-Teams

Koen Bostoen (UGent): “Epidemic-driven population collapse in Congolese rainforest 1600-1400 years ago urges reassessment of the Bantu Expansion


22/02/2021, 13:30 @ MS-Teams

Claudia Crocco (UGent): “Dialects and Italian in Campania: prosodic features of neighboring varieties


01/02/2021, 13:30 @ MS-Teams

Bernart Bardagil (UGent): "The grammar of grammatical relations in Amazonian languages"


22/01/2021, 16:00 @ MS-Teams

Anne Breitbarth (UGent): "Syntax, prosody, and discourse function of V>2 in spoken German"


16/10/2020, 13:00 @ MS-Teams

Algemene vergadering onderzoeksgroep


23/10/2020, 13:00 @ MS-Teams

Johnatan Bonilla Huerfano, Rosa Lilia Segundo Díaz & Miriam Bouzouita: "A collaborative game-based approach to building a parsed corpus of European Spanish dialects."


06/11/2020, 13:00 @ MS-Teams

Fokelien Kootstra: "I used to think your administration was better and more successful"; Case marking and scribal practice in the early Arabic documentary papyri (7th-9th century AD)."


20/11/2020, 13:00 @MS-Teams

Kim Groothuis: "Less finite = less structure? Evidence from irrealis clauses in Romanian, Salentino and Southern Calabrian."


04/12/2020, 13:00 @ MS-Teams

Melissa Farasyn: "Novelties and archaisms: insights in V2 violations in the endangered French-Flemish dialects."


11/12/2020, 13:00 @ MS-Teams

Giuseppe Samo (Beijing): "Movement and Locality in the Cartography of Germanic: a quantitative study with dependency structures."




05/03/2020, 13:00 @ Lok. 1.1 (via Rozier)

Mark Janse (UGent): "External vs. Internal Factors in the Development of Agglutinative Inflections in Cappadocian (Asia Minor Greek)."


23/04/2020, 13:00 @ Lok. 1.1 (via Rozier)

Melissa Farasyn (UGent): "V>2 structures in spoken French Flemish."


18/02/2020, 13:00 @ Faculty room (Blandijnberg 2, 1st floor)

Miriam Bouzouita (UGent): "Crowdsourcing Spanish variation and change through an app."


10/12/2019, 13:00

DiaLing-BantUGent - Double Lecture:

Lorenzo Maselli (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa): "The importance of integrated articulatory and acoustic analysis for consonant identification: Some preliminary data from Ethiosemitic and Jukunoid."

Hilde Gunnink (UGent): "Contact between Bantu and Khoisan languages in southern Africa: morphological borrowing in Yeyi."


05/12/2019, 13:00

Prof. Dr Michal Starke (Masaryk University): "Cutting French verbs and gluing them back together."


21/11/2019, 16:00 @ Faculty room (Blandijnberg 2, 1st floor)

Lengson Ngwasi (University of Gothenburg): "The non-reflexive functions of the reflexive prefix -i- in the Tanzanian Bantu languages Hehe, Nilamba and Nyaturu."


19/11/2019, 13:00

Prof. Carme Silva Domínguez (University of Santiago de Compostela): "The Evolution of Possessive Pronouns: Forms and Structures from Latin to Modern Galician and Portuguese."


29/10/2019, 13:00

Dr. Leonid Kulikov (UGent/DiaLing): "Gr. Κένταυρος and his (non-)Indo-European relatives: the Indo-Iranian myth of the primordial incest between twins (Yamī and Yama) and its origins."


15/10/2019, 13:00-14:00

Get to know your colleagues: the following colleagues will present (themselves and) their projects:




16/05/2019, 15:30 @ Room 1.4 (Rozier 44)

Francesca Cotugno (University of Nottingham & CSAD, University of Oxford): "Language interplay in the Channel zone: can we map language interactions?"

09/05/2019, 14:30 @ Grote Vergaderzaal (Blandijnberg 2, 3rd floor)

Philippe Boula de Mareüil (CNRS): "Towards a speaking atlas of dialects and minority languages of Western Europe."


30/04/2019, 14:00 @ Faculty room (Blandijnberg 2, 1st floor) 

Evie Coussé (University of Gothenburg): "The rise of complex verb constructions in Germanic: A project sketch." Presentation co-organised by GLIMS and ΔiaLing.


29/04/2019, 14:30 - 18:30 @ Grote Vergaderzaal (Blandijnberg 2, 3rd floor)

IV Cambridge-Ghent Colloquium on the Histories of the Ibero-Romance Languages 


24/04/2019, 14:00 @ room Blandijn 150.009, 5th floor

Leonid Kulikov (Internal Research Seminar Indology): "The Vedic particle ghā and the primordial incest of Yama vs. Yamī: Linguistic and comparative-mythological evidence from Indo-Iranian and beyond."


20/03/2019, 11:00

Prof. dr. Antonella Ghignoli (Sapienza – University of Rome): "The NOTAE Project: Reasons for a Research."


21/03/2019, 13:00

Get to know your colleagues: 

  • Rozenn Guérois: "A typology of the passive voice in Bantu"
  • Hilde Gunnink: "Language contact between migrating Bantu speakers and resident Khoisan speakers in southern Africa"
  • Minah Nabirye: "Duplication processes in Lusoga morphosyntax"
  • Alessandro Papini: "Stylistic and diatopic variation in the 'Vulgar' Latin vowel system. Rome and Italy: a statistical analysis based on inscriptional evidence."


15/02/2019, 10:00 @ Faculty room (Blandijnberg 2, 1st floor)

Prof. dr. Elitzur Bar-Asher Siegal (Hebrew University of Jerusalem): "From diachronic observations to synchronic semantic analyses: the case of the NP-strategy for expressing reciprocity."


06/12/2018, 13:00

Prof. dr. Anne Breitbarth: "Het Gesproken Corpus Nederlandse Dialecten (GCND): projectvoorstelling."

Dr. Melissa Farasyn (FWO, Postdoc): "Nature and origin of V2-violations French Flemish."


29/11/2018, 13:00 @ meeting room 0.1 Simon Stevin (Rozier 44)

Prof. Dr. Peter Arnold Mumm: "‘On the Etymology of germ. Seele 'soul'."


08/11/2018, 13:00

Get to know your colleagues: 


18/10/2018, 13:00 @ lecture room 1.1 (1st floor, Rozier 44)

Get to know your colleagues: Isabelle de Meyer (FWO, PhD student)

Dr. Leonid Kulikov: “Greek χρόνος, its origin and cognates: An old etymological puzzle in Indo-European perspective.


27/09/2018, 14:00

Get to know your colleagues:

  • Prof. dr. Ulrike Vogl
  • Nikoleta Vassalou (PhD student)




27-29/06/2018, 08:30 @ Het Pand (Onderbergen 1)

Conference: Possessive Constructions in Romance (PossRom2018)


25/06/2018, 15:00 @ room 120.025 (2nd floor, Blandijnberg 2)

Prof. Dr. William Croft (in cooperation with EVALISA): "Using models to explore mechanisms of language variation and change."


14/06/2018, 15:00

Dr. Sara Pacchiarotti (in cooperation with BantUGent): "Bantu applicative construction types involving Proto-Bantu *-ɪd: Form, functions and diachrony."


31/05/2018, 15:00

Elisabeth Witzenhausen (UGent): "A syntax of restricting modal domains? Unintegrated event conditionals in German."


18/05/2018, 10:00 @ KANTL (Koningstraat 18, 9000 Ghent)

PhD defense Melissa Farasyn: "Fitting in or standing out? Subject agreement phenomena in Middle Low German."


24/05/2018, 15:30 @ room 120.025 (2nd floor, Blandijnberg 2)

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang De Melo (Oxford University): "Varro's linguistic theory: etymology, morphology and syntax."


26/04/2018, 15:00

Dr. Lisa Bylinina & Alexander Podobryaev (LUCL - Leiden University): "Number-neutrality and DP structure in Buriat."


03/05/2018, 15:30 (TIME CHANGED!)

Prof. Dr. Anna Volkova (Linguistic Convergence Laboratory – National Research University Higher School of Economics): "Subject encoding in participial relative clauses."


14/12/2017, 13:00

Prof. dr. Álvaro Octavio de Toledo y Huerta (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München / Madrid Institute of Advanced Studies): "Historical prejudice and linguistic oblivion: on Spanish during the 'Decadence' (ca. 1665-1830)."


24/11/2017, 10:00

Prof. dr.  Miguel Gutiérrez Maté (Un. Erlangen-Nuremberg): "Tracing back the Bantu roots of Palenquero Creole."


07/11/2017, 11:30

Dr. Alexandra Simonenko (UGent): "Towards a Semantic Typology of Specificity Markers."


26/10/2017, 13:30

  • Get to know your colleagues: Matti Marttinen Larsson: "On the morphosyntactic variation in adverbial locative phrases in Spanish diatopic and sociolinguistic varieties."
  • Melissa Farasyn: "Position-dependent agreement in the Middle Low German plural verbal paradigm."(abstract)


05/10/2017 - 06/10/2017, 8:30 @ Faculty Room, 1st floor, Blandijnberg 2

Workshop V3 And Resumptive Adverbials


03/10/2017, 11:30

Dr. Aaron Ecay (UGent): "Dialect contact, spatial variation, and language change in the morphology of the Basque auxiliary verb."




15/06/2017, 13:00

Fayssal Tayalati en Lieven Danckaert: "Multiple subjects across categories: Evidence from Modern Standard Arabic


22/06/2017, 14:30 


19/05/2017, 11:00

Prof. dr. Alexander Francis-Ratte (Furman University): "New evidence for the common origin of the Japanese and Korean languages.”


18/05/2017, 15:00

Elisabeth Witzenhausen (UGent): If not ≠ unless - "Exceptive clauses in Continental West Germanic."


27/04/2017, 15:00

Prof. dr. Nathan Hill & Johann-Mattis List (School of Oriental and African Studies/CNRS): “The reconstruction of proto-Burmish: a case study in the computational implementation of the comparative method."



Online publication Peter Alexander Kerkhof: http://www.neerlandistiek.nl/2017/03/hoe-het-oudste-nederlands-in-een-spaans-videospel-terechtkwam/ 


10/02/2017, 12:00

Prof. dr. Ángel Jiménez-Fernández (University of Sevile): "Subtraction from Datives and Differential Object Accusatives."


19/01/2017, 15:30

Dr. Roland Pooth (Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History): "Proto-Indo-European alignment: reasons for a change."


01/12/2016 - 02/12/2016 @ KANTL

Conference: Varieties of Post-classical and Byzantine Greek


29/11/2016, 17:00

Get to know your colleagues:

  • Dr. Filip De Decker: "A Morphosyntactic and Semantic Analysis of the Augment Use and Absence in the Oldest Greek Literary Texts (1300-400 BC)."
  • Dr. Tim Denecker: "Linguistic and Cultural Education in Western Christianity (c.380–735): A study of the content, form, and sociocultural insertion of Latin language manuals."


16/11/2016, 15:30

Get to know your colleagues:

  • Isabelle de Meyer: “Asia Minor as a Linguistic Area: Greek-Turkish-Armenian Language Contacts and the Anatolian Substrate.”

  • Joanne Stolk: “Scribal Corrections and Language Variation and Change in Greek Documentary Papyri from Egypt (300 BCE – 800 CE).”

  • Francesca Cotugno: “A multidisciplinary analysis of non-literary Latin texts from Roman Britain.” 
  • Mark Janse: voorstel HERA-project “MuMiL-EU: Multilingualism and Minority Languages in Ancient Europe.”




29/06/2016 - 01/07/2016

Conference: 18th Diachronic Generative Syntax conference (DiGS18)



Workshop: The determinants of diachronic stability



Prof. Dr. Giovanna Marotta (Università di Pisa): "Historical Sociolinguistics and Latin Language. Data from Inscriptions and Tablets."



Dr Klaas Bentein (UGent): "Verbal Periphrasis in Ancient Greek: Have- and Be-Constructions."



Julie Boeten en Sien De Groot (UGent): "Byzantine Book Epigrams: A Pragmatic Analysis of Medieval Meter."



Prof. Dr. Sara Gómez Seibane (Universidad de La Rioja): "Indirect contact-induced pronominal changes in a northern Spanish variety."



Melissa Farasyn (UGent): "Pronominal gaps in Middle Low German."



Prof. Dr. Craig Melchert (University of California, Los Angeles): "Relative Clauses in Indo-European Anatolian Languages" (in collaboration with EVALISA)



Wolfgang de Melo (University of Oxford): "Synchronic Semantic and Siachronic Reconstruction: Latin S-Forms."



Jasper Vangaever (UGent): "The Ablative of the Gerund versus the Present Participle: a Diachronic Corpus Study from Classical Latin to Medieval French."



Elisabeth Witzenhausen (UGent): "Continuity or change? The post-cyclic development of preverbal negation in Continental West Germanic."



Jack Lynch (Rutgers University): "Shakespeare Forger and Cretan Liar : Puzzling over William Henry Ireland."



Dialectendag (Woordenboek van de Vlaamse Dialecten)



Brian D. Joseph (Ohio State University): "What speakers know — or don't know — about history and about typology."



Conference: The Language(s) of the Papyrus Archives






Prof. Agnes Jäger (University of Cologne): "Comparison constructions in the history of German."



Ioanna Sitaridou (Cambridge University): "Word order in Old Ibero-Romance: (non-)V2, participle fronting and information structure."



Ioanna Sitaridou (Cambridge University): "Phylogenetic approaches to the evolution of Pontic Greek."



Prof. Lawrence A. Reid (University of Hawai’i): "Accounting for Variability in Malayo-Polynesian Pronouns: Morphological Instability or Drift?" (Evalisa / ΔiaLing)


16/03/2015 - 17/03/2015

Workshop: Hitches in Historical Linguistic 2  (HiHiLi2)



Mark Janse (UGent/Oxford): Godsdienst, taal en identiteit in Ottomaans Cappadocië; aansluitend: filmvoorstelling “Laatste Woorden”, over de laatste sprekers van het Cappadocisch Grieks.



Han Nijdam (Fryske Akademy): "Het Fries."



Kenneth Bouman: "Het Nederlands in West-Indië." 



Martijn Wieling (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen): "Kwantitatieve Dialectologie/Dialectometrie."






Brian D. Joseph (Ohio State University): "Infinitival ‘Streamlining’ in the Balkans, Switch Reference and Grammaticalization."



Brian D. Joseph (Ohio State University): "Can we count on/in Grammaticalization?"



Past Doctoral Schools courses


Specialist course Grammaticalization and Constructionalization

Lecturer: Elisabeth Closs Traugott


31/03/2015 - 02/04/2015

Specialist course Methods in building and exploiting parsed (historical) corpora.

Lecturers: Dr Joel C. Wallenberg (Newcastle) and Dr Caitlin Light (York)



Specialist course Argument structure and the dative. Case studies from Romance languages with special reference to Spanish.

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Chantal Melis (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)






Plenary Talk

Manuel Leonetti

Complutense University of Madrid

‘Orden de palabras y estructura informativa en la evolución del español’






Miriam Bouzouita1 & Antoine Primerano2

Ghent University1,2, University of Cambridge1

‘La influencia oriental en la gramaticalización del futuro y condicional en español’






Rocío Díaz Bravo1 & Miriam Bouzouita2

University of Granada1, Ghent University 1,2, University of Cambridge1, 2

‘Usos innovadores de los clíticos de OD y OI en el Retrato de la Loçana andaluza




Coffee Break




Plenary Talk

Javier Rodríguez Molina

University of Granada, Ghent University

‘Alomorfia IE - IA en los pluscuamperfectos de indicativo medievales’






Montserrat Batllori1 & Ioanna Sitaridou2

University of Girona1 & University of Cambridge2

‘Fronting in the history of Spanish’




Álvaro Octavio de Toledo y Huerta

Autonomous University of Madrid

‘Dislocaciones y doblados: elementos para un álgebra de los objetos clíticos en el primer español moderno’




The research group DiaLing clusters scholars who conduct research in the field of historical and diatopic linguistics, and gives as such visibility to these fields of study. The research conducted by DiaLing contributes to these disciplines in the following ways:

(i) language description and documentation through the creation and dissemination of various types of descriptive tools that are of use to the linguistic community (e.g. dictionaries, grammars, corpora, text editions, databases, etc.);

(ii) the advancement of linguistic theory, which is informed by empirically-grounded studies.

A number of diverse theoretical viewpoints on language variation and change (e.g. Construction Grammar, Grammaticalization Theory, Relevance Theory, Prototype Theory, Dynamic Syntax, Cartography, Nanosyntax and, more generally, Generative Grammar) are explored for the genesis and development of a variety of phenomena. These include, among others, discourse markers and adverbs, aspect and modality, word order phenomena and information structure, transitivity alternations and valency, case-marking and argument structure, nominal constituents, adverbial clauses, negation and word formation.  




Enrique Pato

Université de Montréal

Affiliated Members

Former Members


Postdoc research

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