Local rural building traditions in Roman NW-Gaul

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2002 - 2030 (ongoing)
Department of Archaeology
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Studying the development of organization, morphology and function on farms built in the ‘local tradition’ can provide essential information from which the analysis of socio-economic processes under Roman influence. Starting from the PhD results of Wim De Clercq, this project aims to investigate rural complexes more deeply based on information from the large scale excavation project of ‘Kluizendok’ near Ghent. A large number of Roman buildings were constructed in the vicinity during the  2nd century. Specific points of attention in this study are  building traditions and a specific territorial marker, the enclosure.

In this project the original research area will be expanded to incorporate both northern and southern parts of  the civitas Menapiorum. Specific attention will be given to the development of effective prospection methods that recognize and validate low density sites in Flanders.