Singing Communities: Performing Political Song in the Dutch Revolutionary Period (1780-1815)

Gelijkgestemden? Politieke liederen in het Nederlandse revolutietijdvak (1780-1820)
Start - End 
2017 - 2021 (ongoing)
Department of Literary Studies
Other institution(s) 
Kingston School of Art, Department of Performing Arts



Early modern songs were broadly considered as effective instruments to strengthen the formation of collective identities. This project aims to better understand how this function was attributed to Dutch political songs (1780-1820). The focus is on how ideas of a national identity were articulated in the text and through the music of political songs; how the imagined communities that songwriters sought to create in their songs might have become embodied communities through the singing of these songs; and how this can be situated in a harsh reality of political turmoil and crises.



Phd Student(s)


Isabella van Elferen

Kingston University London