Suicide cultures. Theories and practices of radical withdrawal. A transnational cultural and media paradigm (2001–2011)

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2011 - 2015 (completed)
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This doctoral project puts into focus the changing nature, dramatic actuality and expanded, bio-ethical and visual meaning of suicidal phenomena as symptoms of global media culture in the first decade of the 21st century (or the ‘9/11’ decade). Stamenkovic's curatorial activities date back to 2001 with his first professional internship – at Artists Space in New York City – in the period coinciding with the events of 9/11 (September – October 2001). This had a long-lasting impact on his career, as well as on his personal and professional views on relationships among iconic images, global visions and ritual sacrifice. In regard to his current research he has been extensively writing, giving public talks and presentations, and participating in international conferences and symposia revolving around the subjects of suicide, self-sacrifice, martyrdom and image-making operations under conditions of the self-destructive gaze.



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