Trans Poetries in the 2010s

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2018 - 2023 (ongoing)
Department of Literary Studies
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Trans studies



The aim of this project is to explore trans poetry as a site for and form of “trans arts of survival.” I borrow this phrase from Hil Malatino, who develops this notion throughout his book Trans Care. Like Malatino, I am interested in “how [trans people] cultivate arts of living that make us possible in a culture that is alternatingly, depending on where you’re at and who you are, either thinly accommodating or devastatingly hostile” (Trans Care), and how an art form like poetry engages with and contributes to discussions regarding trans survival, possibility, and flourishing. This project focuses more specifically on the North-American trans poetries of the 2010s, a time in which trans poetry first emerged as a (more) recognizable category or genre and a time characterized by a sense of progress and a rise in widespread transphobia. 




Phd Student(s)


Bart Eeckhout

Universiteit Antwerpen