CarNHum - Neanderthals, Early Anatomically Modern Humans and carnivores. Deciphering their interactions through proteomics, paleogenetics and radiocarbon dating.

Begin - Einde 
2023 - 2026 (lopend)
Vakgroep Archeologie



CarNHum project is designed to investigate the interactions of Neanderthals, early anatomically modern humans and carnivores through proteomics, paleogenetics and radiocarbon dating. Firstly, through the identification of bone assemblages with signs of carnivore activity associated with the early Aurignacian, it will be investigated whether humans were a frequent prey for carnivores. This will thus provide new insights into human-carnivore interactions from a carnivore perspective rather than the human perspective which was investigated during my doctoral research. Secondly, this study will be the first to analyse carnivore coprolites systematically and fully - a rich source of dietary, environmental and health information. µCT imaging techniques, proteomic and microscopic analyses will provide novel insights into these small treasure chests of biological information. Finally, any further human fossil material identified in the assemblages will be radiocarbon dated and genetically analysed to further our understanding of the population affinities and biological relatedness of AMHs in Northwest Europe during the MUPT. The data generated in this project will go beyond the MUPT of humans, however, and provide novel insights into the carnivores, their diet and the local environment during this time.




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