The Church, the desert, and the mountains: the social organization of Miaphysite communities from the 6th century to early Islamic rule (8th century)

Begin - Einde 
2023 - 2025 (lopend)
Vakgroep Geschiedenis



The aim of this research project is to shed light on the development of the Miaphysite movement through a socio-historical lens, filling a crucial gap in the current scholarly discourse. The movement created an independent ecclesiastical structure that extended from the empire's centres to its outskirts, and the regional adaptation in distinct social and political contexts, such as urban centres like Amida and monasteries, as well as rural villages was a key contributor to its success. Despite significant scholarship on the movement's theological issues, its social presence remains largely unexplored. Therefore, the research project is to expand the analysis of the Miaphysite movement's social presence and communication capabilities, focusing on central figures of Syriac and Egyptian Miaphysite during the pivotal period from the sixth century to the early Islamic era. The project aims to map the communities associated with Miaphysitism, conduct a prosopography of individual figures, and analyse social dynamics within the communities. It will employs a multi-perspectivist approach, including literary, documentary, and material evidence, and will culminate in a comprehensive monograph accompanied by articles and scientific publications. The research will contextualize the specific research within a broader methodological framework and provide a critical examination of underlying assumptions.