The configuration of the Spanish poetic pattern after the transition times. Literary, cultural, and social relations

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2016 - 2019 (lopend)
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University of Granada



This  project corresponds to a consistent continuation of one previous: “La configuración del patrón poético español tras la Guerra Civil: relaciones literarias, culturales y sociales”, with reference FFI2013-44041-P (01/01/2014-31/12/2016). The main purpose is to consolidate and develop an already proven line of research in its most recent phase, that during the last three years, has been based on a sequencing of the trajectories of Spanish poets from the Civil War up to the Transition times and on its political-historical-literay articulation. 

The aim of our research project to provide an overview of the Spanish poetic field from the last years of Franco dictatorship and democratic transition to present time. In order to do so, we will analyze the literary career of a significant number of poets to find out how the Spanish poetic field (understood by Bourdieu as a structured universe and not as a simple aggregation of individuals, cultural products and institutions) was altered and again reconfigured according to the new political situation. Consequently, our purpose is to conduct a sociological reconstruction on how the new political climate affected the poetic field while exploring the intricacies of the existing links among poetry, history and politics in the proposed timeframe.

The project starts from a division on poetry and intellectual networks which keep certain homology. Similarly, temporary periods will be defined in order to understand the phases in which the discipline goes through over the years. That chronological differentiation will be specified taking into account the plural temporalities of the field.



Externe medewerkers

Luis García Montero

University of Granada

Miguel Olmos

Université de Rouen

Zoraida Carandell

Université Paris Ouest-Nanterre La Défense

Lina Iglesias

University of Santiago de Compostela

María del Mar Ramón

University of Toledo

Olga Elwes

University of Toledo

Belén Blázquez

University of Jaén

Melissa Lecointre

María Encarna Alonso Valero

University of Granada