Begin - Einde 
2008 - 2012 (afgewerkt)



E-poly is an IOF (at TechTransfer UGent) valorization consortium. The aim is to develop and valorize technologies that make use of polymer and polymer-based (micro)systems. These technologies may contain advanced printed circuit boards (PCBs) for assembling electronic and sensor circuitry, optical interconnections, microfluidics, ASIC design, RF and antenna design, signal processing, development and modification of suitable polymers. They have original applications in a wide range of fields, which are also represented in the consortium, e.g. musicology and different medical areas.

The objective of the project is (i) to follow up, support and adjust the existing and future projects within the consortium in which technology and demonstrators are developed, (ii) to prepare during projects the valorization of project results, and (iii), to assist in valorization activities that are the outcome of project results.