Exploring the conceptual disruption of sexuality through sextech/techsex-nexus

Begin - Einde 
2023 - 2023 (lopend)



The focus of my doctoral research contains post-phenonomenology, the philosophy of sexuality and its concepts on sexual technology. My aim is to conceptualize the phenomenon of sexbots and its possibility to transform our understanding of sex(uality). Guiding questions are:

- How can a co-constituting and relational ontology between sexual subjects and sexual objects (in this case sexbots) be theorized?

- Does sexual technology, with sexbots as a possible prime example give rise to disruptions or transformations in the entrenched concepts, practices and perceptions of sex(uality)?

-Does the sexual technology of sexbots confront us with technomoral learning and technomoral changes?

- Given the co-constitutional relationship between subject and the sexual technology of sexbots, do possible subject and political formations have the potential to transform our current understanding of sexual politics?