FLEPOSTORE. Flemish pottery and stone reference collection

FLEPOSTORE. Vlaams ceramiek en steen referentie collectie
Begin - Einde 
2018 - 2020 (lopend)
Vakgroep Archeologie
Andere instituten 
Department of Geology



FLEPOSTORE is a Ghent University based Flemish reference collection for researchers and students working in archaeology, geology and cultural heritage studies. The collection offers an online open access platform and a hands-on collection of stone and pottery, from prehistoric till pre-industrial times (ca. 5000BC-1700AD).

The reference collection focuses on pottery and stone that are found at archaeological sites and in historic buildings in Flanders. The aim is to collect and give access to diagnostic reference material from archaeological and geological contexts whose provenance is known with certainty. This includes pottery from pottery production contexts and clay and stone from quarries or natural outcrops.

In this way, FLEPOSTORE makes the identification and provenance determination of these geo-materials accessible and aims to bridge the gap between education, research and society in an interdisciplinary way. Flepostore is therefore intended for all stakeholders: students, researchers, heritage professionals and anyone interested in geo-materials in an archaeological and historical context.

The materials are made accessible online by means of high-quality macro and microscopic photographs, detailed descriptions and geographical information. All samples are archived offline in a physical collection. The collection is not static and therefore, in the future, efforts will be made to expand and further improve the documentation.

The project was funded by an FWO-Hercules project for Medium-Scale Research Infrastructure.






Postdoctorale medewerker(s)


Externe medewerkers

Prof. Dr. Veerle Cnudde

Department of Geology, Faculty of Sciences, Ghent University

Prof. Dr. Tim De Kock

University of Antwerp