Indian-European Entanglements: Exploring Trans-Cultural Relationships through Digital Humanities

Begin - Einde 
2024 - 2026 (lopend)



The popularity of the Digital Humanities has significantly increased in the last decade. However, to what extent are digital methods truly becoming embedded into everyday research practices in the Humanities and Social Sciences? The aim of this transnational research and teaching programme, collaboratively developed by the Department of English of Delhi University in India, the Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities ( and the Research Centre Comparative Science of Cultures ( from Ghent University in Belgium, is to stimulate a comparative transcultural exploration of Indian-European entanglements through the theoretical, methodological and practice-based lens of Digital Humanities. 

Early career researchers (Masters and PhD students) in the Humanities and Social Sciences will not only be introduced to state-of-the-art techniques in the digital humanities, but will also be provided with a thorough grounding in digital corpus development, data curation and research data management. Access to an international corpus of digitised cultural heritage materials, specifically curated for this research programme will be provided including travel journals, transnational correspondence, digitised historical newspapers and archival records. These will be examined, in a Digital Research Lab setting, using a range of digital humanities methods including historical data visualisation, concept mapping and social network analysis.