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2020 - 2020 (lopend)



Gentse Feesten: IPEM presents The Experimental Sessions. This year Gentse Feesten were cancelled… but luckily not entirely! There are some great online alternatives to the many concerts and events that would take place. Among those: IPEM’s Experimental Sessions. This is a series of livestreamed concerts from our very own research lab in the heart of Ghent (De Krook). As we are a research group in systematic musicology, we will ask our audience to answer some questions about their experiences of the concert(s). Every concert will have its own research question, but all of them will look into how we can enrich livestreamed concerts in the future. So, help science along and enjoy some wonderful music while you do it!

For questions or comments you can contact Kelsey Onderdijk (ipem.sessions@gmail.com)

Register via the following link:

During registration we will ask you some initial questions to gather information about our audience. This questionnaire will take 5 minutes. After a concert we will ask you to fill out a second questionnaire. This will take approximately 10 minutes. To participate in this research you need to be 18 years or older.


Giusy Caruso
21 juli 20:00
Giusy Caruso is an artist researcher, musicologist and professional concert pianist, oriented to a futuristic approach to music performance that combines Western and Eastern music practices and connects art and science applications. In this concert she will perform a self-curated program called Rhythm & Dance.

22 juli 19:00
Wim Pelgrims (percussion), Elisabeth Klinck (violin) and Ben Bertrand (bass clarinet) are musicians of the ensemble Nemø. Now they are getting together just for us. They describe their music as mysterious and melancholic rivers that will emerge you into an experimental sea of sounds. Expect flirtatious interplay in their concert called FLIRT.

Shalan Alhamwy & Jonas De Rave
27 juli 20:00
Shalan Alhamwy is a violin player and composer. He studied classical and Arabic music and feels at home in both musical traditions. He plays in Olla Vogala, Liqa' and Damast Duo, and started musical groups such as Jiraan and Picea Orientalis, where he brings forth a crossover between east and west. Jonas De Rave plays the accordion and keys and has a wide range of genres in his repertoire. He is well-experienced on stage, as well as a teacher and composer. His specialty is jazzy-worldgroove and klezmer.
Together, Shalan and Jonas, will give us an exclusive concert.

Gentse Feesten: IPEM presenteert The Experimental Sessions. Dit jaar zijn de Gentse Feesten helaas afgelast… maar gelukkig niet volledig! Er zijn een aantal geweldige online alternatieven voor de vele concerten en evenementen die zouden plaatsvinden. Waaronder ook: IPEM’s Experimental Sessions. Dit is een serie livestreamconcerten vanuit ons eigen onderzoekslab in het hart van Gent (De Krook). Als onderzoeksgroep in de systematische musicologie zullen we ons publiek vragen om een vragenlijst in te vullen omtrent hun concertervaring(en). Elk concert heeft haar eigen onderzoeksvraag, maar alle concerten helpen ons livestreamconcerten te kunnen verrijken in de toekomst. Dus, help de wetenschap en geniet tegelijkertijd van schitterende muziek!

Voor vragen of opmerkingen kunt u contact opnemen met Kelsey Onderdijk (ipem.sessions@gmail.com).

Registreren kan via de volgende link:

Tijdens uw registratie zullen wij u enkele vragen stellen om informatie te verzamelen over ons publiek. De vragenlijst zal 5 minuten duren. Na het concert vragen wij u om een tweede vragenlijst in te vullen. Dit zal ongeveer 10 minuten duren. Om participant te zijn aan dit onderzoek moet je 18 jaar of ouder zijn.