Madoc - IIIF participative annotation platform

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2019 - 2024 (lopend)



Madoc is an Omeka S based Open Source platform for the display, enrichment, and curation of IIIF-based digital objects. The platform itself is a combination of open source services and technology, bound together to provide a single management interface for IIIF collections.

Madoc allows researchers and institutions to

  • Assemble digital collections with IIIF objects from multiple archives, libraries and museums and build an interpretative web site around them.
  • Import and enhance existing metadata and image annotations (such as f.ex. OCR or segmentation) with your own editorial content.
  • Annotate digital objects and image regions with new transcriptions, translations, entities, tags, commentaries and other material, using a fully customizable 'capture model'.
  • Run a crowdsourcing project and invite the public, researchers or students to contribute.
  • Showcase and export the enriched digital collection. 


Madoc is built upon Open Source projects and uses well defined Open web standards like IIIF, W3C Web Annotations and Linked Data.

Built by Digirati, it is the product of work for three projects/institutions:



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