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2009 - 2024 (lopend)



This project aims at closing the gap between musical experience and the digital/electronic environments that provide this experience (see Leman, 2007). Solutions will be based on empirical methods and advanced mediation technologies for embodied experiences and applications that enhance the cultural and creative sector.  The project aims at studying how people interact with music. The focus lies on embodied music interaction (social music cognition and technology mediation). Research is based on empirical methods and advanced computational modeling. The work envisions the development of new insights in multi-modal action/perception coupling, music interaction models, tool development and applications (artistic, educational, edutainment) that enhance the cultural and creative industry.

Major objectives:

  • The development of empirical methodologies for the study of social embodied music interaction. 
  • The development of a platform for cultural/creative applications involving an active user-community.

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