Networks of resistance. The Agora literary circle in the post-war Spain, 1956-1973

Redes de resistencia. El círculo literario Ágora en la España de posguerra, 1956-1973
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2018 - 2021 (lopend)
Vakgroep Letterkunde
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Universiteit Antwerpen



The project "Networks of resistance: Ágora Literaty Circle in the Spanish Post-War (1955-1973)" deals with an anti-Fascist Spanish literary circle and attempts to identify the international network of writers with which it interacted and engaged. It therefore falls within the fields of Sociology of Literature, Social Network Analysis, History of Spanish Literature and Memories Studies. As the group was directed by a woman (an anomaly in Francoist Spain), the project is also relevant for the study of gender studies and literature. Finally, the group ran both a publishing house and a literary journal. The project will therefore contribute to the history of text editing.



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