Shaping the ideal dialogue. Jainism or faith in human epistemic abilities

Het scheppen van de ideale dialoog. Jainisme of het geloof in het menselijke epistemische vermogen
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2018 - 2021 (lopend)
Vakgroep Talen en Culturen



Jainism is one of the main philosophical-religious traditions of India, with a strongly recognisable identity since the teaching of the spiritual leader Mahāvīra (599-527 BCE). Today, there are six millions of Jains in the world, respecting non-violence, non-attachment and non-absolutism as their fundamental principles. Yet, despite the regular crucial import of Jain philosophy into the general pre modern Indian framework, Jain philosophy has been consistently understudied compared to the other philosophies. Only in the last few decades scholars have begun to realize the importance of studying this tradition, as witnessed by the contribution of, among others, Frank Van Den Bossche (1993, 2010) and Marie-Hélène Gorisse (2011, 2016). Building on Ghent University’s existing expertise in Jainism and Jain philosophy, this project seeks to promote these developments. More precisely, the contribution of this project to the field is to offer a new understanding on selected topics in Jain conceptions on knowledge, argumentation and interpretation; as well as a better diffusion of their fundamental texts on these topics, together with a long expected presentation of the development of the main concepts investigated.



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