Valorization of the 'Lower Impact Runner'

Begin - Einde 
2019 - 2021 (lopend)



Running is one of the most accessible and popular sports worldwide, with clear (health) benefits on both the personal as societal level. However, many runners suffer from overuse injuries. One of the main causes is high-impact running (= running with repetitive high shocks on the lower limbs), which can lead to lower leg injuries such as tibial bone fractures.

Within the EU-Interreg project Nano4Sports and other type of university research projects, Ghent University and IMEC have developed an expert system to accurately assess the impact of runners resulting in a patent-pending concept of music-based biofeedback which was shown in a first small group of runners to reduce impact by up to 30%. This project aims to provide a viable valorization trajectory for this expert system 



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