Marriage migration, motherhood and integration among Moroccan women in Belgian society

Huwelijksmigratie, moederschap en integratie bij Marokkaanse vrouwen in België
Start - End 
2015 - 2021 (ongoing)
Department of Languages and Cultures
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KU Leuven
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This ethnographic research project aims to uncover the agency of so-called low-skilled Moroccan female marriage migrants in Belgium.

It starts from the hypothesis that these women are agents in the way they imagine and plan their (future) lives and therefore negotiate gendered power relations - both on an interpersonal and institutional level -, and subsequently counter (some of) the challenges of marriage migration, motherhood and integration. 

More specific the research project valorises migrant women’s individual and heterogeneous lived experiences by approaching gender and migration in relation to other identity markers such as race, class, religion, and motherhood, as principal structuring forces in shaping their lived experiences.

Keywords: gender and postcolonial feminist theory, marriage migration, intersectionality, agency, motherhood, ethnography and affective citizenship 



Phd Student(s)


Sarah Bracke

Nadia Fadil