Supporting cross-disciplinary collaboration using insights from computational linguistics and philosophy of science

Start - End 
2015 - 2019 (ongoing)
Department of Philosophy and moral sciences
Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication
Research Period 



The main aim of this project is to develop a new and original prototype tool that supports cross-disciplinary (CD) collaboration. The prototype focuses on problems related to language and methodology. W.r.t. language, its aim is to resolve so-called 'ambiguous terms', i.e. terms that have different meanings across the disciplines involved and cause misunderstandings. W.r.t. methodology, the prototype aims at explicating different usages of the notions of 'causation' and 'explanation' as these hamper a well-integrated CD research methodology.

The development of the prototype is CD itself, as it integrates insights from computational linguistics and philosophy of science. It will be performed in collaboration with the Language & Translation Technology Team (LT3, UGent) and the Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science (CLPS, UGent).

The project also involves a collaboration with CD research groups Prometheus (KUL) and Dream2020 (VUB). Both groups will function as case studies, providing information on everyday research problems. Moreover, they will deliver feedback related to the development and performance of the prototype, thus enhancing its novelty as such benchmarking has not been done before. The final prototype will be made available to both groups in order to support their research activities.



Phd Student(s)