Sociolinguistic aspects of Greek vocabulary in documentary sources. Atticism, register, and diachrony in Koine and early Byzantine Greek

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2018 - 2022 (ongoing)
Department of Linguistics
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The documentary (non-literary) Greek material of Egypt (papyri, ostraca, inscriptions), as well as additional literary and semi-literary comparanda, will be collated and analysed to contextualise the processes of change taking place in non-literary environments during the Roman and early Byzantine periods. This study will also apply select Atticistic dicta to the same evidence. I will analyse the data collected to determine how far Atticistic usages (prescribed forms) penetrated the lexical choice of writers of non-literary texts, and to ascertain, more generally, the reliability of innovative words (proscribed forms) in the same documents as evidence for linguistic change and diglossic divergence. I will also develop a theoretical framework that reconciles the notion of register with social factors (situational characteristics, functional areas), so that lexical changes might be tracked in as close detail as possible.



Phd Student(s)


Trevor Evans

Macquarie University - Ancient History