South and East Slavs. Diversity and interaction of writing cultures, 11th-20th c.

Start - End 
2018 - 2020 (ongoing)



The project is about designing and setting up a virtual museum about the long history of cultural exchange between Russia and the South Slavic countries, which is meant to address specialists in the field as well as a broader public. The museum will consist of ten thematically organized virtual exhibitions, which will be set up by research teams from three countries: Bulgaria, Russia and Belgium. The Belgian team participates in the organization of the exhibition rooms 'Migrating books, texts, ideas: literary and cultural exchange between South and East Slavs', 'The rise and spread of private reading throughout Slavia Orthodoxa' and 'Modern scholarship'. 





Igor Kaliganov

Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Slavic Studies, Moscow

Anisava Miltenova

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia