GCSEES - Ghent Centre for Slavic and East European Studies



SEELECTS or 'Slavic and East-European lectures' is a series of lectures, interviews and discussion panels, organized by the Research Group 'Slavonic and East European Studies'. This series is a forum for national and international scholars and public figures. All presentations cover East and Southeast Europe, but are not restricted to Slavic topics alone. The talks are rather broad and exploratory, than all too narrow or specific. Every presentation will be followed by an informal reception.


The Ghent Center for Slavic and East European Research (GCSEES) has been set up to coordinate the various strands of research reperesented by the members of the Slavic branch of the Department of Languages and Cultures at the University of Ghent. At the same time it is our intention to make Slavic research at Ghent more visible to a wider academic public in the field of Slavic studies. Research on Slavic and East European topics at the University of Ghent focusses on four broadly defined fields of investigation: Balkan Studies; Ethnolinguistics and folklore; Palaeoslavica: Medieval and Premodern Slavic Language and Text Studies; Studies in Modern Russian Literature



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