The body and its double

Begin - Einde 
2013 - 2014 (afgewerkt)
Vakgroep Kunst-, Muziek- en Theaterwetenschappen



The postdoc research project "The body and its double" concerns the politics of the body in 21st century media society relating to the issues of post-humanism, performing identities, presence and representation. Digital technologies brought the crucial shifts and changes in contemporary understandings of the body from the natural, trough the cultural to the technological body. These shifts produced and keep on producing unstable changes in the architecture of reality, indicating the influence of the symbolic aspect over the physical aspect. In this regard this research project will focus on the construction of the social, cultural and personal identity in a media-dominated environment. What happens with the body when it performs in the digital space? How does it relate to its digital representation? What happens with the performer’s subjectivity in a digital era, when the performer becomes the final instance in the global network structure of cyberspace? Is the dichotomy between the real and the virtual becoming obsolete in these processes? Or at least significantly problematized? And what are the consequences and implications of these phenomena? Within the discursive framework of performance studies, psychoanalysis and theory/philosophy of media, the project addresses these topics. It explores how  meanings are created through the interrelation between the body and its image, its digital presentation and representation. Finally, it questions how these newly established relations, protocols and procedures are, and can be used in the performance (artistic) practices, with the emphasize on (post)conceptual art practices that affirm critical thinking in contemporary theatre, dance and performance.