EDiCT. Electronic dictionary of communication terminology

Begin - Einde 
1990 - 2016 (gestopt)
Vakgroep Vertalen, Tolken en Communicatie



The aim of the EDiCT project is the compilation of a termbase on the broad topic of “communication within businesses, organizations and the press” and the theoretical study of this domain.  This broad domain focusses in particular on the following fields: public relations, marketing, advertising, journalism and the press, the printing and allied trades.

The languages studied are English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Russian. Hungarian has been added since 2007/08 with the help of the University of West Hungary.  

The method used is that of GenTerm, the Department’s termbase strategy.  Most of the data are collected through MA Dissertations and are subsequently edited.  Students are required to apply the established scholarly principles of terminology and terminography in researching and presenting their data.

At regular intervals, the project publishes a simplified summary version of the research results.  The summary version is called ELeCT, which stands for Electronic Lexicon of Communication Terminology.  It is available via download.