Towards a socio-cognitive account of turn-taking in dialogue interpreting

Begin - Einde 
2023 - 2023 (gestopt)
Vakgroep Vertalen, Tolken en Communicatie



The aim of the project is to contribute to a novel model of turn-taking
in dialogue interpreting (DI) by offering an analysis in terms of
‘cognition for interaction’ (Levinson 2015). Although various aspects
of interpreter’s turn-taking have been studied over the past two
decades, its relationship with cognitive processes is still largely
unexplored. Cognitive research in Interpreting Studies has mainly
focused on conference interpreting and approaches cognition as
purely individual process. This, however, is not in line with the
essentially conversational nature of DI. The proposed project
addresses this problem in two ways. First, by integrating insights
from conversational organization with
psycholinguistic measures (e.g. eye-tracking). Second, by adopting a
truly multimodal approach to the interactional data. Third, by
comparing the cognitive processes in DI in two different settings
(onsite versus remote). In particular, the project investigates three
interlinked turn-taking processes (turn-taking , timing and projection) that will shed insight into interpreter’s cognitive
processing. The aim of this project is to develop an evidence-based
model of turn-taking in DI, reaching beyond the traditional models of
interpreting and integrating aspects of both processing and
conversational organization.