Across generations and genres. The legacy of the holocaust in Dutch-Jewish literature

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2015 - 2019 (ongoing)
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Dutch literature



Lisa Vanlancker’s PhD project focuses on a corpus of literary texts about the Holocaust written by members of three successive generations from three different Dutch-Jewish families. It aims to understand how the historical trauma that is at the core of their writings has been represented and given meaning. As trauma takes on different shapes for each generation, it appears in different generic configurations: while first-generation writing primarily uses autobiographical genres such as the diary, memoir, or letter, second- and third-generation writers increasingly turn to fictional and often experimental modes of representation. By analysing a differentiated body of texts, ranging from first- to third-generation writing and covering a wide array of genres, this project examines the different ways in which texts by these Dutch-Jewish authors participate in and contribute to a culture of remembrance.



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