CHLG. A parsed corpus of historical Low German

Een geparsed corpus van het historisch Middelnederduits
Start - End 
2014 - 2020 (ongoing)
Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication
Department of Linguistics
Research Focus 



The syntax of Middle Low German (MLG) is largely unexplored and thus forms an urgent research desideratum (cf. already Peters 1973: 105). The proposed project creates the first comprehensive syntactically annotated and parsed corpus of MLG. It closeley collaborates with the (not parsed) Referenzkorpus Mittelniederdeutsch und Niederrheinisch. Covering a whole historical period and core geographical extent of a historical variety of German, it will complement in crucial ways the Early New High German (a variety partially contemporary to MLG) reference corpus also currently under development. The proposed corpus will greatly facilitate language-specific as well as comparative diachronic morphological and syntactic research and increase scientific standards by finally making diachronic syntactic research on MLG reproducible. It chiefly includes texts that are clearly dated and localised, focussing on three text types/genres that can correspond to this requirement. The corpus aims at a maximal chronological and geographical coverage of the MLG period and area. Focussing on the main centres of each scribal dialect ensures that all three selected text genres are likely to be represented and that the entire period during which MLG was written (ca. 1300–1600) is covered.




Phd Student(s)


Svetlana Petrova

Bergische Universität Wuppertal

George Walkden

University of Manchester

Sheila Watts

University of Cambridge