"Ni Una Menos": Gender Violence through the Lens of the Contemporary Latin American Chronicle in Argentina and Mexico

"Ni Una Menos": La violencia de género bajo el prisma de la crónica latinoamericana contemporánea en Argentina y México
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2020 - 2025 (ongoing)
Department of Literary Studies
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In my FWO funded research project '"Ni Una Menos": Gender violence through the lens of the contemporary Latin American chronicle' (2021-2025) supervised by prof. Ilse Logie, I study how Argentinian and Mexican authors use the literary genre of the contemporary Latin American chronicle, a combination of literature and journalism (Rotker, Carrión, Montes), to narrate, document and denounce gendered violence in Latin America (Argentina and Mexico), where are war on women is being waged (Segato). 

More specifically, I analyse how chronicles published by contemporary female authors such as Selva Almada and Cristina Rivera Garza between 2005 and 2021 function as emotional, political, and aesthethic devices. My main hypothesis is that these chronicles create an affective and feminist counter-archive in the region that challenges the existing dominant discourse (e.g. the discourse of the state and big media concerns) on patriarchal violence.



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