What are you training for? The notion/place of presence in contemporary theatre

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2014 - 2020 (ongoing)
Department of Art, music and theatre sciences
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KASK - School of Arts
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Adriana La Selva is working on a practice-as-research PhD at the University of Ghent in association with the School of Arts (KASK) and the Institute a.pass. She investigates contemporary training methodologies in theatre in relation to the tradition of Eugenio Barba’s Theatre Anthropology, in order to question his notion of recurring principles in postdramatic approaches to creative processes. 


The work of Eugenio Barba, gathered under the notion of Theatre Anthropology, managed to objectively compile, stripped from aesthetic choices, the training principles of actors in several theatrical traditions.  Through his idea of pre-expressive work, he defined working and corporeal principles that are recurrent to actors, despite of their cultural backgrounds and aesthetic choices. This practice-as-research project intends to investigate paradigms of body and corporeality, beginning from the notion of recurring principles, from a postdramatic perspective. Furthermore, it investigates how these paradigms have changed the notion of presence in theatre and, consequently, principles of the training of an actor. Through own artistic creative processes in relation to contemporary techniques, Adriana La Selva will investigate how to reconsider pre-expressive principles within corporeal postdramatic paradigms.


Before, Adriana La Selva worked as a guest-professor at the School of Arts and as training methodologies docent at the Theatre School Celia Helena (Sao Paulo) as well as freelance coach for actors in performances in Brazil, Australia and the UK. She is the artistic director of the theatre collective –das marionette-, based in Ghent and a performer. In 2009 she concluded her Master's degree in Contemporary Arts, also practice-based, at the University of Lancaster, UK, on Deleuze and Guatari’s notion of becoming in relation to physical theatre. She finished her bachelor degree in performing arts at the University of São Paulo, Brazil.





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Paola Bartoletti

KASK - School of Arts