Training the teachers of the future. Language policy and literacy at CPUT

Begin - Einde 
2018 - 2022 (afgewerkt)
language learning



This project involves two components:

The first one is to develop and implement an adapted, integral and tailor-made Language Policy for the CPUT Faculty of Education, by using a specific methodology, namely teaching in a language-developing way. This policy focuses on language skills in the broadest sense of the word, it is integrated in the curriculum of study programmes and is therefore both durable and inclusive. The project will also develop lecturer competence in integrating discipline-specific language skills into content and using technology in their teaching. The final purpose is to prepare teacher training students to use these insights in their own professional future as they are the teachers to be.

The second one will focus on reading skills of teacher training students (and hence indirectly on those of their future pupils or students), as a lack of (English) reading proficiency is one of the major problems encountered by CPUT students. A thorough needs analysis followed by action research involving the setting up and implementation of a reading programme will enhance teacher training reading skills and enable them to set up integrated reading activities in their future classrooms.